Application Forms

Equal Housing

(You must read before applying)

Thank you for your interest in an APM, Inc. managed home for your future residence. Associated Property Management, Inc. does not discriminate based on any Federal, State or Local protected classes, including but not limited to race, color, religion, marital status, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, familial status, disability or source of income.

Application process:

  1. Make an appointment to view the interior of a property with an Agent from our office. Showings are scheduled between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday thru Friday.
  2. If you are unable to view the property yourself, you may delegate someone to view it on your behalf. You may also apply for a property sight unseen. Sight unseen applications will be reviewed on the following business day after a home is available for showing.
  3. A complete application must be submitted to our office for each person 18 years and older. Incomplete or illegible applications will not be accepted. False, fraudulent, inaccurate or misleading information may be grounds for denial of the application or subsequent eviction. An application is considered received when it is complete, signed, proper funds are receipted by our office and supporting documents including identification and income verification are received.
  4. Each applicant is charged a non-refundable $50.00 application screening charge. A $300.00 holding deposit is required to hold the property while your application is being processed. These funds are to be in the form of 2 separate cashier’s checks or money orders. The $300.00 holding deposit is applied to the security deposit if the application is approved or refunded if the application is denied. If the application is approved and the applicant decides not to move into the property, the holding deposit is forfeited.
  5. Only one application per property will be receipted and screened at a time.
  6. The acceptance or denial of the application is at the sole discretion of the Agent.
  7. The application process will take approximately 3 business days.
  8. The property will be held for up to 7 days after approval before rent begins to accrue at which time a lease agreement must be executed. Failure to do so will result in the withdrawal of your application.
  9. The lease must be signed and the move in costs paid in full in order to receive keys to the property. Move in costs include the first month’s rent, the balance of the security deposit and additional deposits for pets if applicable, which must be paid in certified funds. A full month’s rent will be collected initially and the 2nd month’s tenancy will be pro-rated if moving in mid-month. A one year lease is standard policy.

General Requirements:

  1. One positive, current form of State or Government issued photo identification is required for each applicant to be submitted at the time of application. Acceptable forms of identification could include a driver’s license, passport, Visa or legal alien identification or consulate identification.
  2. Each applicant will be required to qualify individually or as per specific criteria areas.
  3. The denial of one applicant will result in the denial of the entire application.
  4. Any individual who may constitute a direct threat to the health and safety of an individual, complex, neighborhood or the property of others will be denied. Any unacceptable conduct, language or mannerism at any time during the showing or application process that seems to be aggressive or unruly will be grounds for denial of the application.
  5. If pets are permitted, NO Akitas, Chows, American Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Presa Canario, wolf hybrids or any mix thereof, ferrets, snakes or exotic animals will be permitted. A $300.00 additional security deposit per pet is required for accepted pets unless otherwise noted in the advertising. Pictures of animals must also be submitted (for both pets and assistance animals).
  6. Some properties are subject to restrictions of a Home Owner’s Association. Please ask for details.

Occupancy Policy

  1. Occupancy is based on the number of bedrooms in a unit. A bedroom is defined as a spaced used primarily for sleeping with at least one window and a closet.
  2. Two (2) persons are allowed per bedroom plus one (1) per unit.
  3. This policy may be overturned at Landlord’s discretion in compliance with all State and Federal Laws.

Rental/residency requirements:

  1. Each applicant must have satisfactory, verifiable rental history from a non-biased rental reference for the past 2 years or mortgage history for the same amount of time. Timely payments and appropriate care of the premises are required.
  2. Rental history reflecting past due and/or unpaid rent and/or damages will result in the denial of the application.
  3. Five (5) years of eviction free rental history is required. If you prevailed in an eviction case it shall not be the cause of an application denial. Eviction actions that were dismissed will not be considered.
  4. Three or more 72 hour notices within the last year will result in denial of the application.
  5. Home ownership must be verifiable on the Applicant’s credit report or with a deed.


  1. A minimum of 6 months at a current job or 2 consecutive years at a previous job is required if used as a source of income.

Income Requirements:

  1. Gross monthly household income must be equal or greater than three (3) times the monthly rent from a verifiable legal source. Proof of income could include a current paycheck stub from an employer, child/spousal support, bank accounts, social security, unemployment, grants/student loans, welfare and unemployment. Proof of income must be submitted at the time of application.
  2. Self-employed applicants must show the previous year's tax return. A current P & L prepared by a professional may be considered.

Credit Requirements:

  1. A credit history showing no negative reports is required. A negative or adverse debt showing on a consumer credit report could include slow pays, collections, repossessions, liens, judgments or garnishments and may be grounds for denial of the application.
  2. No bankruptcy, unpaid judgment or collection within the previous 2 years is allowed.
  3. Proof of suitable payment towards collection accounts will be taken into consideration. If collection payments are allowed, proof of payment must be submitted to our office within 3 days of notification.
  4. An additional security deposit may be considered for applications resulting in no credit score.

Section 8 Applications:

  1. Section 8 applicants must submit their voucher at the time of application.
  2. Applicants qualified by a local Housing Authority for the Section 8 Voucher Program are exempt from the income requirements.
  3. It is the Applicant's responsibility to discuss and understand their rental cap with their case worker. If a Section 8 applicant is approved and the advertised rent exceeds the rental cap, the application may be withdrawn resulting in the forfeiture of the holding deposit.

Additional Security Deposit Option:

  1. Any application that does not fully meet our criteria MAY BE CONSIDERED with an additional security deposit equal to the standard security deposit.
  2. An additional deposit would be considered for EACH of the following aspects of the criteria that are not met: Employment requirements, invalid Social Security number, rental/mortgage requirements, income requirements, and credit requirements including a bankruptcy.
  3. Additional security deposits payments will be divided over the first 3 months of the tenancy and due with the rent on the 1st of each month.


  1. Upon receipt of the application and screening charge, the Landlord shall conduct a search of public records to determine whether the Applicant or any proposed resident or occupant has charges pending for, been convicted of, or pled guilty or not contest to, any: drug-related crime; person crime; sex offense; crime involving financial fraud, including identity theft and forgery; or any other crime if the conduct for which applicant was convicted or is charged is of a nature that would adversely affect property of the Landlord or a tenant or the health, safety or right of peaceful enjoyment of the premises of residents, the landlord of the landlords agent.
  2. A single conviction, guilty plea, no contest plea or pending charge for any of the following shall be grounds for denial of the Rental Application. If there are multiple convictions, guilty pleas or no contest pleas on the applicant’s record, Owner/Agent may increase the number of years by adding together the years in each applicable category. Owner/Agent will not consider expunged records.
    1. Felonies involving: murder, manslaughter, arson, rape, kidnapping, child sex crimes, manufacturing or distribution of a controlled substance where the date of disposition, release or parole has occurred in the last 15 years.
    2. Felonies not listed above involving: criminally negligent homicide, aggravated vehicular manslaughter, drug-related crime; person crime; sex offense; burglary; crime involving financial fraud, including identity theft and forgery; or any other crime if the conduct for which applicant was convicted or is charged is of a nature that would adversely affect property of the landlord or a tenant or the health, safety or right of peaceful enjoyment of the premises of the residents, the landlord or the landlord’s agent, where the date of disposition has occurred in the last 10 years.
    3. Misdemeanors involving: drug related crimes, person crimes, sex offenses, weapons, violation of restraining order, criminal impersonation, criminal mischief, stalking, possession of burglary tools, financial fraud crimes, where the date of disposition has occurred in the last 5 years.
    4. Misdemeanors not listed above involving: theft, criminal trespass, property crimes or any other crime if the conduct for which applicant was convicted or is charged is of a nature that would adversely affect property of the landlord or a tenant or the health, safety or right of peaceful enjoyment of the premises of the residents, the landlord or the landlord’s agent, where the date of the disposition has occurred in the last 3 years.
  3. Any offense that requires the Applicant to register as a sex offender will be grounds for denial.
  4. Pending charges or outstanding warrants for any of the above will result in the suspension of the application process until the charges are resolved. Upon resolution, the Applicant may re-initiate the screening process for an available unit. The property will not be held while waiting on a resolution of pending charges.

Disabled Accessibility:

  1. The existing premises may be modified at the full and complete expense of the disabled person and if the disabled person agrees to restore the premises (per fair housing guidelines) at their own expense to the pre-modified condition. We may require:
    1. The Applicant to seek written approval from the Landlord prior to making any modifications.
    2. Reasonable assurance in writing that the work will be performed in a workmanlike manner.
    3. Reasonable details regarding the scope of the work to be performed.
    4. Names and contact information of the qualified contractors being used.
    5. Appropriate building permits and licenses must be obtained and made available to the Landlord for inspection.
    6. A deposit for restoration may be required

Application Denial:

  1. Denied applications will be held in our office for pick up unless otherwise requested.
  2. If an application was denied due to incorrect information received on the credit report, you should:
    1. Contact the supplier of the information whose name and address will be given to you.
    2. Identify who is reporting the negative information and request a correction if the information being reported is incorrect.
    3. Request the credit agency to submit a corrected credit report to our office.
    4. Upon receipt of the corrected information, you may re-submit your application if the specific property you applied for is still available.
  3. If your application has been denied and you feel you qualify under the stated criteria, please email our secondary review committee at Please explain the reasons you believe your application should have a secondary review. Secondary reviews will be completed within 3 business days and you will be notified of the decision. The property will not be held during the secondary review process.